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      Welcome: Rayshow Lighting Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
      Language: Chinese ∷  English

      ABOUT US

      ABOUT US

      RAYSHOW Lighting is committed to creating high-quality, affordable, well-designed and energy-efficient LED lighting and controls that make it easy for distributors to sell, electricians to install and end-users to save energy. Founded in 2014, RAYSHOW has a vibrantly growing infrastructure of manufacturing facilities, and engineering capabilities that ensure great product design and quality. In addition to great products, RAYSHOW also provides free lighting design services (DIAlux) to anyone who needs ass...



      Contact: Mr. Victor.Y

      Phone: +86 189 1799 2510

      Tel: +86 21 6787 1275

      Email: info@shlskj.com

      Add: No.2 Zhenye Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China

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